Regions Concept
Regions Concept

Sidéco S.A. applies the Regions Concept philosophy (frequently used by the large multi-national corporations). However, we have adjusted this to our own stringent standards and have turned it into a full-scale cost-cutting asset rather than a structural liability. Simultaneously it operates in a more flexible and more efficient manner. Through its own highly successful World-wide Network our company has carefully selected a limited number amongst the very best structures in each country, where each entity has its own specialized experience and its own confidential Network. Uniting efforts is the key to Strength and Flexibility. This is what our Regions Concept is about: Maximize Efficiency.

Our operations are controlled by and handled through three independent regional structures:

  • Region 1: Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Region 2: The Americas (North, Central, South, Caribbean)
  • Region 3: Asia and Pacific Region.

Please clearly identify the exact Region and the precise country concerned before contacting us.