Drinking Water - Source of Life

Clean Drinking Water is one of the basic human requirements and is the Source of Life:

The Problem

  • 2.6 billion People are deprived of basic sanitation;
  • 1.4 billion People do not have access to safe drinking water;
  • Every day 5,000 children die as a direct result of a lack of clean water;
  • 560,000 persons died of various water-related diseases during January 2010 alone (source: www.worldometers.com);
  • Less than 1.5% of the worldʼs fresh water is to be found on the earthʼs ground;
  • A significant portion of the earthʼs water has been contaminated by human activity and much of the remaining fresh water is polluted or biologically contaminated.

The Solution

  • The largest freshwater supply on earth is contained in the atmosphere, all around you!
  • Safe drinking water is essential to improve health conditions, combat poverty, promote social stability and implement sustainable development!

OAQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES S.A. is specialized in producing clean drinking water directly from where it is: all around you.

  • No need to buy costly bottled water.
  • No need to invest huge amounts of tax money in large infrastructure projects.

The companyʼs Eco-friendly technologies allow day and night producing high quality and clean drinking water by its atmospheric water generators at a very marginal cost, without using any chemicals. Its authorized sole European Representative is Sidéco S.A. in Geneva, known as The Swiss company with no boundaries .