GREEN Projects

Think differently. Think GREEN . The world has new priorities. Therefore these are our priorities. Our fundamental objective is to have answers which are realistic and can be implemented rapidly with a relatively small investment in both an individual and collective manner. Our ethical and commercial objective is to contribute rapidly in an Eco-friendly manner to finding global solutions with a solid and safe Return on Investment. We need to protect our planet, our environment, ourselves and our assets. Right Now.

Think differently. Most brokers prefer to invest your money in a risky stock market, because that is where they can earn their commissions fastest. During that same time deforestation increases because needs for hardwood increase. Timber investments have steadily risen for more than 100 years. Since 1910 they have clearly outperformed the S&P-500. Today they rank as the only asset class to deliver positive performance in four out of five major market collapses, including 2008.

Think differently. It is absurd to wreck the planet, to devastate rainforests, to destroy bio-diversity and to cut precious trees which take centuries to grow and to mature, when hardwood can be produced faster and easier in a sustainable and innovative manner by fast-growing plantations with environmental friendly and financially rewarding timber nurseries. And simultaneously be appropriate for your personal investment, institutional investors, corporate and other private investors including retail investors, as well as for governmental sustainable development projects combining both short-term and long-term Return on Investments. Think GREEN . Letʼs do it together.