Deforestation is responsible for 20-25% of global carbon emissions, mainly by the burning and cutting of some 34 million acres of trees each year. The global carbon markets generated us-$ 59 Billion in revenues in the first half of 2008 – almost as much as in all of 2007. And continue to increase rapidly. In Brazil, in 2004 alone, 27,000 km2 (yes, twenty-seven thousand square kilometres) were cut! Today only one quarter of the original forest cover in Costa Rica is still standing. Even less so in Africa and Asia. To the benefit of a small number of large companies and individuals. The negative effect has now become obvious and increasingly harmful to the planet. This is irresponsible forestry.

World consumption of tropical timber has multiplied nearly 25 times in just four decades to more than 100 Billion board-feet per annum ! Demand for timber continues to grow around the world. Hardwood becomes more and more precious, yet there is less and less available. What remains has a very slow growth cycle. These two extremes combined can have disastrous effects for our planet and life in general. It therefore is urgent to form a new concept which is coherent and non-destructive. Can a liability be turned into an asset ? Is it possible to turn a High Risk, High Return activity into a Low Risk, High Return activity in a responsible manner? Yes, it can. And the solution is as simple as innovative and reliable. Think differently. Think GREEN .

Royal Empress Tree

Sidéco S.A. supports urgent Sustainable and Ethical Forestry. We have selected a specific fast-growing hardwood, grown up to 18 feet the first growing season and usually reaching 25 feet during the third year. Even more spectacular is its amazing beauty. The tree blooms colourful lavender flowers in the Spring that look and smell wonderful. In addition, it has no significant disease or insect problems and grows in almost any kind of climate and is drought tolerant. It is one of the easiest to grow trees existing and allows a Low-Risk, High-Return strategy for both private and institutional investors. Grown to harvest for profit, it is immediately replanted and turned over to a perpetual forestry project and at the same time fundamentally protecting previously threatened forests in an ethical and responsible manner. Therefore this possibly is

one of the best forestry projects available to private and institutional investors. Please feel free to contact us and see how we can join our mutual interests. Think differently. Think GREEN .

We deal directly on a Joint-Venture basis with local and indigenous communities and with those Authorities who are interested to develop their land in a sustainable and Eco-friendly manner and create a new source of prosperity through a continuous harvest and growth cycle. A small initial investment can produce a lifetime return. We think global, we act local.